Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rough Start

After developing a leak under the water pump from where PO crushed the timing gear cover with the water pump, I decided to pull the radiator and have it flushed, brazed and tested and a bunch of other stuff too.

Round barn square truck:

Round Barn Square Truck

Dropped on coffee walk route

3rd short test drive results in cranks but no starts after rounding a bumpy corner. Just quit, no cough sputter, noise or anything.  Tow truck driver was a nice guy who liked the truck:

1st ride of the year

Was relievd to see I didn’t need  flatbed, Already had an appointment for monday with a pro for distributor rebuild (summit kit), timing and valve adjustment so hopefully it goes under its own power or we get to see the nice tow truck driver again.

Le joy of old trucks.

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