Saturday, August 22, 2015

Intestinal Churn

After 3 shops I had to wind up at the dealership for a park brake lever self adjustor reset and a fresh set of GM shoes and drums. Holds firm on the last click on a good hill or a throttle input of 1200 rpm. Good fight, resources thin for the finish.

Freshly painted drums:


Shelving adjacent to galley:


Garage workshop v.1:


Dulled hole saw drilling decks for lowrider skateboards, pushed through and tried to make it work. Make a mess instead. Build is microcosm:

Dull hole saws make big messes

Livin his dream, with my preordered signed 1st edition Farm League / Brobot deck:

Farm League / Brobot First Edition Collab Board 



Few flyers whipped up for the cause:

Farm League

Farm League - 217

Farm League



we are all one


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